The union make strength and the artists know it


For no one is a secret that, both in Puerto Rico and Mexico, are experiencing very difficult times due to the natural disasters that have occurred in recent days, which have left a catastrophic balance for the population. Now more than ever they need financial collaboration to begin the reconstruction of the ‘island of the charm' and the recovery of the 'Aztec' country. For this reason, several Latin artists have spoken and have had several gestures to collaborate with those who need it most, whether by donating money, facilitating transportation or providing provisions.


These are some of the artists who have helped Puerto Rico and Mexico.


Daddy Yankee

Daddy Yankee has been one of the most outstanding musicians of the situation in Puerto Rico. 'El Cangry' has already donated a million dollars and has invited his fans to attend his concerts, as the funds are destined for the recovery of the island. In addition, with the hashtag, #PrayForPuertoRico, the Boricua has led an initiative to donate food and provisions for the population. "The Puerto Rico that I knew is no longer there. This week I have to go back to see my family, with whom I have not been able to communicate. I will return to do my best for my people. I live in Puerto Rico", he commented on the situation.


Nicky Jam

The American singer has made public his intention to help Puerto Rico and Mexico, through beneficial concerts and food donation. He has also helped his fans to know what numbers to call and what pages to visit so that people can make their donations. "I will do everything in my power to get Puerto Rico back on its feet, I will make a concert so that everything that is collected from the concert is to help Puerto Rico. Mexico, I do not forget you either, I am for you, blessings", he said.


Mexican Musicians

Caloncho, Disidente, Pancho Barraza and Genitallica are some of the bands that were proposed to raise funds for the victims of México performing concerts. The funds collected were earmarked for damages in Oaxaca, Chiapas, Guerrero, Puebla, Morelos and Mexico City. Despite the short time and lack of promoters, the presentations achieved to collect food, medicine and money for the charitable cause.


DJ Nelson

The Puerto Rican producer has also sent several messages of support and has made donations of food and medicine from the United States to Puerto Rico. Additionally, he has been informing people where he can make their donations and collaborations. "There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, Puerto Rico stands up and it will do so more strongly," has recently posted DJ Nelson.


Siggy Vázquez

The Puerto Rican has also reflected his pain for the situation in Puerto Rico and has done his best to cooperate. He has recently posted on the subject, "In these times of hysteria the most important thing is to keep our children safe. Thank God and life because we are alive. "


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