Señorita Dayana conquers the American stages


The Cuban singer of reggaeton Dayana Chávez, known by her stage name "Señorita Dayana", was recently in the United States, promoting her single 'La Mentira', a with which the artist seeks to make women feel that they are the ones who have control and not men. "The tour of the United States was phenomenal, every Latin artist dreams of it, it was a great opportunity," commented Señorita Dayana.


In addition, the Cuban also had a chance to give her impressions about the cities she visited, this being the second time she has stepped on American soil. "Unfortunately for a matter of time we were only in Florida, in several nightclubs in Miami, Tampa and Naples," he added. Despite visiting few places, Señorita Dayana felt the way her audience connected with her new material.



"All the places were special during the tour, from the reception at the airport, to every interview I did on radio or TV and the live performances, all very warm," said Señorita Dayana. The music of the artist has had an excellent reception by the public of Miami. Increasingly safe on stage, the Cuban has been gaining an important name within the urban genre.


There are several hits that have sounded on her part as: 'La Mentira', 'A Ti lo que Duele', 'Soltera' and 'Plato de Segunda Mesa'. For her it was a pleasant surprise that her tracks were so heard in those places. "I stay with the way the public enjoyed every concert, for me it was something unexpected, the tour exceeded my expectations, we did not know that so many people followed us that way," said the Cuban.



Finally, she talked about projects that are approaching for his musical career: "Soon we will be promoting the United States in radio and TV, we are also working on 'La Mentira', which has already been heard a lot on the radios here, very soon will have the official video", he concluded.