La Nena was first seen on


On May 12th, the official audio and video of 'La Nena' was launched, a track that was expectated from long ago, in the networks of all the artists who participated in it. The theme, produced by Yannc Full Harmony, with the support of Siggy Vazquez, had as main collaborators Juanka El Problematik, Gotay, D Ozi and El Sica.

The video was produced by Film or Die Productions, and focuses on the sporting and challenging scene of a football game. The arts that crossed the networks, days before its premiere, were in charge of Cris Omar, who is a creative director and designer in Unstoppable Management.

This track is the first single released by Full Harmony, and for the reception that has had promises not to be the last. The video of 'La Nena' is close to reach 110K views on YouTube, and doesn’t seem to have disappointed, due to its high quality, any of the large number of fans who were waiting for it.

Check it out here, and take a look at this match, sponsored by Full Harmony, which has just started.