The bravery of rock at the rhythm of Chimó Psicodélico


Chimo Psicodelico, the band that fuses llanera music with rock, was one of the highest points we saw in the showcases of the Bogotá Music Market 2017. A project that was born so that the melodies of the Llanos Orientales continue to live in our players.


"Everything was born of a process of not taking out the music we heard on the plain, a music that was hidden and very good, like the one that made 'El Cholo' Valderrama, and my father who is a musician too," he told us the guitarist of Chimo Psicodelico, Amín Castellanos.



An auracan group, which is not intimidated by the presence of other more popular genres such as bachata or reggaeton. The proposal that brings us Chimo Psicodelico seeks to captivate the new generations in order to feel ownership by that Llanos culture that has been fading.


"We are from Arauca and when the band was formed there were half llaneros musicians and half rock musicians, it was a mix that we liked, something unique, we had the opportunity to spread this musical project and we are very happy," added Castellanos.



Chimo Psicodelico, comes with several unconventional elements and bring a staging that contains everything related to the art of the eastern plains. "We want you to hear everything that has come out of our region. Internationally, what we do to people is very curious, some have never seen a harp or have not heard, how beautiful is that people are very connected with what we do," he added.


What is coming now is a greater challenge, with the opening to international markets and with the option to start to have a bigger boom in the radio, especially since they have become a sui generéis group, not only in Colombia, but also in Latin America . "We want to reach everyone, it motivates us a lot that children like our music, however, we know that our style lends itself to the taste of many people of many ages, we are different because our fusion is natural," he concluded.



A musical project that has as a strength to bet on native Colombian roots, which with its first productions has already conquered the interest of many fans and that surely will keep up with its particular sound.