Juan Gabriel Will Resume World Tour in August After Hospitalization

Legendary Mexican singer Juan Gabriel is expected to resume his postponed world tour in August, after doctors told him to take two months of complete rest following his recent hospitalization.

Gabriel has been suffering from pulmonary pneumonia, and was in hospital for over three weeks from mid April to early May. He was first admitted shortly after performing a concert in Las Vegas. The doctors diagnosed the pneumonia, and then released him several days later. Unfortunately, the same night he was readmitted, and then spent a further three weeks recovering from his illness. He has finally been discharged, but doctors have said that he needs several months of reset before he can start touring again.

While there rumors that Juan Gabriel was suffering from some form of intestinal cancer, both he and his team have denied that this is the case, and that he is just suffering from the pulmonary pneumonia.

It is expected that after taking the two months of request that has been mandated by his medical team, Gabriel will resume his Volver 2014 World Tour. He will resume his tour starting in South America in Peru. As a result of his hospitalization several American shows were canceled, while it is unclear exactly when these shows will be rescheduled, Juan Gabriel's team have indicated that they may be held in September.

Juan Gabriel has been active in the music industry since 1971, releasing nearly 50 albums. His most recent album was a live album entitled 'Mis 40 en Bellas Artes'. His most recent studio album was released in 2012 and was entitled 'Celebrando'.