Jory Boy and Anuel AA join to light up ‘La Noche Oscura’

Undoubtedly, Jory Boy and Anuel AA joined in ‘La Noche Oscura’ to put to sing and enjoy all fans of the urban genre in Latin America, and the success of this song has been so important that, in just one week, this videolyric exceeded 2 million reproductions.

This song is part of Jory's fourth album called 'La Otra Liga', which was released in December 2016 and features such important collaborations as Anuel AA, Lito Kirino, Darell, Ozuna and Maluma.

This is the second time that Anuel AA and Jory Boy are united for a musical production, already they had done it in the song 'Nacimos Pa Morir', whose official video was released the 16 of March.

Jory Boy's discography also includes Piano Solo (2008), Greatest Hits (2014) and Matando la Liga (2015).