The new video of La Primera Dama in luxurious details

On June 10th, Joha ‘La Primera Dama’ officially launched the video for the remix of 'Me Llama'.  However, before this being on all digital platforms, VidaPrimo subscribers watch it first, exclusively, through our website.

The protagonists of this production are surrounded by three high-end cars: a last generation BMW, an Audi and a Mercedes, modified and impeccable in their white color. There, Joha sings her song along with Lito Kirino, Lyan and Falsetto, three upstream artists in the trap scene.

The setting of the video is made to display the luxury and sophistication for which La Primera Dama is usually recognized, and that contrast perfectly with the bold letter of 'Me Llamas'.

The participation of Kayla Roldán was fundamental for Joha to look perfect in her video. This professional makeup artist and stylist has worked alongside La Primera Dama in other productions of the artist, and has become her right hand when it comes to style.

In charge of Falsetto’s style was Jonathan Cintron, a stylist and barber who gave the final touch to the image of this artist for the video.

The remix video of 'Me llama' was recorded in different locations of Puerto Rico, such as Caguas, Carolina and San Juan. It was produced by GF Films, the same company that made the video of the original song and which also has worked with other relevant artists like Tempo, Yance Kennoly and Mero "The Real Boy".

You can watch the video now and fall in love with Joha "La Primera Dama":