Inspirational, so are the words that the Señorita Dayana wants to bring to her fans

Since her childhood, Dayana Chavez Victoria was interested in the artistic world, dreamed of being able to show her talent and she has achieved it. We talked with 'Señorita Dayana', as she is known artistically and told us some details of her life and her musical career.

This singer was born in Las Tunas, a municipality of Cuba, although she grew up in the province of Camagüey, where from a very young age she began to develop various talents in singing and dancing. Graduated as a professional dancer, she joined the Azul Caribe group in 2004, with which she was part of the choreographies until 2007. "As a dancer I was part of some shows such as the Cabaret Coparoom, the MBC Millenium Company and the Havaneando Project with Adriano Dj, of the last one I was also a choreographer", says Dayana.

In 2007, she started singing professionally, "I worked as a dancer with a traditional Cuban music group called Son Pelegrin, and they proposed to start as a singer, because I knew the repertoire and although I had never sung it, I was pretty much tuned. With them I began to experiment a little, and I knew it was what I wanted to do for a lifetime. "

However, still didn’t go through her mind that could become in 'La Señorita Dayana'. This happened when she met Adriano Dj, "Adriano gave me a track that he had for me to write a letter, which we recorded and defended as our first song, 'Dilema'." Dayana has assured on several occasions that Adriano Dj is the most influential person in her career, besides, now is her represent and general producer.

Besides Adriano, la Señorita Dayana has been influenced by music artists such as Bob Marley and Vico C, as well as the Colombian Shakira whom she admires, along with Benny Moré and Beyoncé, for their impeccable staging.

The lyrics of her songs are inspired by life, stories of friends and acquaintances, sometimes their own experiences and even, dreams with them: "Sometimes I have a track several days or weeks to write a letter and I don’t creates anything. And one day I wake up running to find a paper and a pencil to write a letter."

The Señorita Dayana didn’t want to miss this opportunity without sending a message to all her followers, who have always supported her career. "The first message I want to share is that they do not stop fighting for their dreams, because it can come true. The second message is to elevate women to the right place, God created us perfect, we are capable of giving life, and therefore of giving unconditional love. We are intelligent, even when we think silly ... And if I continue talking about this subject we would occupy many pages. But I know that those who receive this message will understand perfectly what I am talking about. "

Strong, inspiring and dreamy, so is our Lady Dayana. Listen to the best of her music on