“Infidel” will be those who don’t watch Tempo’s new video.

Even though the track is called “Infiel”, Tempo’s new video seems to strengthen all of his fans’ fidelity. It promeses to be one of the reasons why they’ll scream, loud and clear, that their favourite artista it’s, no place for doubts, back on the game

“Infiel” was recorded in La Boveda Studios, label that also got in charge of the video making. This track had Héctor Ramos, most known as Hydro, as one of its producers. This latin music lover has worked on other of this studio’s projects, supporting artists as Bad Bunny, SOU$A, Bryant Myers, and others. La Boveda’s YouTube channel has some videos in which the creative process of “Infiel” can be appreciated.

Rubí Morales, the main actress, gives the video a sensual touch, ideal for the topic that Tempo manages in it, with his direct and provocative tone. Besides infidelity, this visual production also highlights another, mostly polemic, concern: stetic surgery.

After its launching, “Infiel” got 15.000 views in less than one hour and, after just one day of being published, it has got about 76.000 views, without leaving on a side the always present support of his most faithful fans.