Los Illegales return with 'Tamo Happy'

Los Illegales return with 'Tamo Happy'

The iconic Dominican band Los Ilegales this week presented their latest single 'Tamo Happy', a cheerful and positive song, which invites to celebrate life despite adversity. In this exclusive interview for VidaPrimo, Vladimir Dotel, vocalist of Ilegales, talks about this new stage of the group and what comes to them.

What does this new single have inspire love in Illegal fans?

The new single, Tamo Happy, is a theme with which we return to the essence of the group, to those sounds of the 90's with some more innovative colors of actual electronic music. What we have done is a fusion in a completely positive theme, we are happy and have to have fun, that's the idea.

What do you have ready for the release?

We work a prime to launch it in social networks, to make the release more digital, since it is a party song, of rumba, and now we are looking for the locations for the video, in which we want to make a fusion of the retro with the modern, we are very excited about this. The video will be ready by the second week of February.

How was the mastering of the single?

The single was mastered at Sterling Sound in New York by engineer Chris Gehringer, who has worked with artists such as Rihanna, Drake, Madonna and Selena Gomez. We have taken great care of the quality of this production.

What characterizes this new stage of Los Illegales?

It shows growth and evolution. We already have more than 21 years of race and they have not been easy, has been more a rollercoaster; but that is a constant search. It is nice to see how people always want our songs in their parties, themes like La Morena or Taqui Taqui have remained as classics. People will feel in this production the evolution that we have achieved in that quest to deliver the best in each launch.


How have the fans of the group received them?

We're doing pretty well, we have been nominated three consecutive times for the Billboard Awards, we were at the Premios Lo Nuestro and the Premios Juventud, among others, the group has felt. One of the most recent hits was Chucucha and with this song we arrived in the United States, part of Central and South America. We keep working, looking for new colors.

You have been a great influence for many artists in Latin America, who has influenced the music you make?

While more music we listen is better, we come from rap and as Dominicans, the merengue always marked us, especially the more urban. That merger known as merengue house is felt in our music, in some songs there are very funk guitars, in general we have many influences because we nourish ourselves of everything we hear.

What projects do they have for 2017?

Paste Tamo Happy, we want people to accept this work that takes a lot of sacrifice and is very beautiful. It brings a different proposal at a time when music is going through a difficult time, in which many have been inclined to the same thing, to do reggaeton or things like that. We bring this sound and hope you have a great reception.

Which countries would you like to go to this year?

We would like to return to Colombia, we have many beautiful memories of when we went there and we have a long time without going, it is the only place we have not resumed, because we are already very strong in Venezuela and Chile, we have also gone to Guatemala and El Salvador.