Today is Friday and your body knows it… Let’s go to the street!

The weekend came and several of our artists bring us an invitation to go out and enjoy the streets of the city with our friends, couple and even alone. An opportunity that cannot be missed. Listen to them and cheer up!

Darell - No me hablen de calle 
Don’t talk me about street, the song to tell others to avoid problems with you because nobody knows the street better than you. 


Carro Rápido - Álvaro Díaz 
If you are exhausted from the routine and always be in the same place, Alvaro Diaz has the solution, "a fast car to escape". This is the perfect song to listen in a car at full speed while take a break from the monotony. 


Street Poem - Anuel AA
A street poem, full of love and good feelings towards his beloved. In this song, Anuel writes to his partner a song that you may want to keep to dedicate when you have a complicated relationship, but full of affection. 

La Calle - Brray
"People know that we are from the street," that's how this Brray song sounds, a freestyle that will surely encourage you to go out with your friends or with your partner to enjoy a tour in the streets of your neighborhood. 


Mi historia - Papi Wilo 
In this song, Papi Wilo tells us how his musical history has been and how he got to where he is. A dedication of this artist to those who didn’t believe in him when he began his career and now seek him for what he has. 


En La Calle Somos Rey - Sosa Gucci Prada ft Alex Kyza 
Of course, if you're the king in the street, we have the ideal song for you. Sosa Gucci Prada and the king of the trap, Alex Kyza, come together to tell us how is the life of a king in the streets.