Hector Herrera: The Backbone of the Team

Hector Herrera is a football play from Mexico. He’s 24 as of 2014 during the World Cup, and he plays for the Mexican team. Herrera is such an important member for Mexico that some people have described him as the backbone of the team.

The main reason for this is that Hector Herrera can do it all on the field. For example, during the match against Croatia in the World Cup, he completed 44 passes, helping to set up opportunities for his team. He won 9 duels, and recovered the ball 8 times. His passing accuracy was at 85 percent. He got entry balls into the final third 8 times.

This has been pretty much par for the course for Herrera throughout all of his matches, and he’s the hard rock that the entire Mexico team relies on to get the job in game in and game out throughout the World Cup. It's likely he will continue to guide his teams well into the future as well.