'Fuimos’ a real life story told with music

On March 11, the reggae band from Medellin, Colombia, Providencia, officially released the video for 'Fuimos', one of the most acclaimed songs on their album 'Beligerante'.

The video tells the story of Victor, a neighborhood youth who loses a love finding economic opportunities in illicit businesses. Beyond the romanticism, this production reflects a difficult reality, which, although frequent, is little visible. The original idea, which was conceived by Mateo Builes; Daniela Carvajal and Camilo Restrepo, vocalist of the group. It was recorded in different scenographies located in the municipalities of Itagüi, Envigado and Sabaneta (south of the Metropolitan Area of Medellín).

"This is a ballad told in rhythm of zouk, with a style very own of Providencia, also marks the closing of a musical cycle of the band, as it will be the last release of the album Beligerante," says Camilo Restrepo.


Original idea: Mateo Builes, Daniela Carvajal and Camilo Restrepo

General Direction: Mateo Builes

Art Direction: Michelle Castrillon

General Production: Daniela Carvajal