Find out why Ñengo Flow is a 'Real G4 Life'

Edwin Rosa Vasquez, better known as Nengo Flow, from very young he began writing rap songs, inspired in the poverty and violence of Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, the place where he grew up.


Quickly his friends and family saw his talent and with only 14 years he already appeared on Platforms, from where he was applauded by the public, there he discovered what he wanted for his life, show in his lyrics the experiences of the street. 

In 2005 he presented his first studio album 'Flow Callejero', with various collaborations as Polaco, Baby Rasta and Don Omar.

This album was so successful that it opened the doors to later publish its second record work 'El combo no se deja', in which he showed all the experience he had acquired with 'Flow Callejero' and on the stage. Two years later, after gaining recognition in much part of Latin America, he published 'Street Lord' his third album, with which he got a lot of fans that until today continues supporting him.

Due to the rapidity of his rhymes, his friends began to call him "Real Ganster", nickname that later, Nengo would transform into "Real G4 Life", a real gangster of life, phrase that identifies and that had him name to four of their albums. In 2011, he launched the first one, with which he reached the top positions in different Latin American music charts.

Thanks to his 'Flow' he collaborated with great artists on songs like 'Llegamos a la disco', together Daddy Yankee, Arcangel, De La Ghetto and Baby Rasta & Gringo; also got great alone success with singles like 'No Dice Na', which already exceeds 99 million of views on YouTube. 

Later this success, Ñengo Flow released two aftermath albums of 'Real G4 Life', titled 'Real G4 Life 2' and 'Real G4 Life 2.5', with which it reached the positions number 75 and 61 in the 'Billboard Top Latin Albums'. In 2017 he launched the 'Real G4 Life 3', with which he has not stopped winning successes and which is outlined as one of the best albums of the genre in 2017.