Find the names of your favorite songs with these applications

Surely at some moment you have heard a song on the street or on the radio that you have loved, but you don’t know its name to listen to it later, luckily, the technology gives us the possibility of, in less than 3 seconds, give us the name of almost any song, in any language, even if you are the one who hums it.

Here is a list of applications that will help you never to stay without know the title of a song.


The most popular of these applications, with more than 100 million downloads in Google Play Store. At the touch of a button and waiting for 3 seconds, it will tell you the name of almost any song, also, it will give you quick accesses so you can listen to it on Spotify, YouTube and other platforms where it is available. 


Made by Sony company, it was one of the first applications to recognize music and, until now, the main competitor of Shazam. This goes back before the arrival of smartphones, appearing for the first time on Sony phones with Symbian operating system. However, after more than 12 years in operation, its developers recently announced that this application would come to the end in the coming months.


Soundhound has achieved to stand out among its competitors by recognizing a large number of songs only with user hum, while other applications can only do it by listening to the original song. Although Shazam has progressed in this field, Soundhound continues above. In addition, it has a web platform called Midomi, which can be used from the computer and which adds features such as the ability to share the song with more than two million users to find the name, in case the application doesn’t get it.


Sound Search For Google Play
Recently launched by Google, it’s outlined as the successor of TrackID, when it’s out of the market. Although its design is quite simple, this application already has millions of users around the world, mainly because Google incorporated it into its voice search application, which is included in all Android phones. Though being incorporated in the search engine, it isnt necessary to download it to use it, but it can be installed to have a history of all the songs searched.


This application, besides recognizing the songs, will search "in the DNA of the music", as their developers claim, other versions that have been made of the same single or even, showing you if the artist who made this song used a "sample" of other. The app will show you the video on YouTube, if is available, and the links to buy the song on iTunes and other platforms. 


Musixmatch isn’t only in charge of finding the music, but it will also search the lyrics and show you verse by verse, so you can follow it to the rhythm of the song, also, you can see the links to listen it on YouTube, Spotify or ITunes.


What is your favorite music recognition application?