The return of Bautté to Colombia with its Cloud Nine Tour


One of the best duets of electronic music in Latin America, Bautté, will return to Colombia with a fresh proposal and a staging that perfectly combines electric guitars, synths and percussions so that the lovers of House, Techno and Funk enjoy this show. It’s no coincidence that artists are trend in streaming platforms in Latin America, as they are specialists in finding new elements for their tracks. On this occasion, Bautté will perform in Bogota, Medellin and Barranquilla.

In its new repertoire we find songs like 'Stars', next to the Colombian Coco Jadad, who impressed the sophistication and subtlety that the duo looked for in their sound in previous years. There is no doubt that Bautté has achieved to fine-tune these musical changes, to give more sustenance to the international projection they have. A path that has led them to present several extended play with remixes that have different musical genres, which favored them in the market.

Its collaborations with Alex Guerrero, Cato Anaya and Pao Calderón show us a production with melodies that have dyes of Dance, Future House, Deep House and a lot of Techno. In addition, the duo based in Mexico, this year has shown us that they have worked hard, to the point that along with the tour to end the year, there are more collaborations and more musical exploration. Something that will make happy fans of the United States, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina, places where they have had more affluence.

The Colombians Dann Visbal and Diego Cadavid have achieved to press the accelerator to show us an entire electronic universe to explore. A better heritage couldn’t leave the artists after being part of great bands like The Mills and Dominic, now with Bautté we can still perceive their rock roots and alternatives. Surely the spectators that attend their presentations in Colombia will be about to feel one of the best musical experiences of the local scene.

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