Daddy's here! Check out these 5 videos of DJ Nelson


Nelson Diaz Martinez, known by his artistic name, DJ Nelson, is one of the most important and influential producers of reggaeton, because his work since the 90's has been fundamental to position the urban genre at the top of the music. The Puerto Rican has worked with the best artists and in the best recordings, besides belonging to countless productions that have been in the main lists of Latin hits. Also his role as arranger of several interpreters has left him like one of the men with greater reputation within this industry.


After a difficult deliberation, we present a Top 5 with some of the best tracks in which DJ Nelson participates:


Anuel AA- Ayer ft. Dj Nelson

'Ayer' quickly received platinum certification by the RIAA, for all the sales it generated in Latin America. With a very catchy rhythm that gives the song a melodic soundness and with lyrics performed by Anuel AA, put this track in the best produced by DJ Nelson recently. In fact, it has become one of the most popular songs of Anuel AA and a hymn in the streets and discos.


Ñejo & Dalmata - Algo Musical ft. Arcangel

One of the great hits of 2009, accompanied by those until then, musical prospects like the duo Ñejo & Dalmata and Arcángel. It is impossible to leave unnoticed the frequent beat of 'Algo Musical', a rhythm that invite to the dance and that was a success in the discos. With this song the career of the three artists began to have a greater international projection.


J Álvarez - La Pregunta

'La Pregunta' was ranked number one on several Latin American charts, reached the top of many radio stations in the United States and Puerto Rico and was in the top 20 on Billboard Magazine's Latin Rhythm chart. The collaborations between DJ Nelson and J Álvarez would not end there, as the artist would sign with the company of the arranger, Flow Music. The power of this song is simply undeniable.


Tego Calderon - No Quiere Novio

Already for 2007, DJ Nelson Wanted to venture to mix a bit of Hip-Hop and Reguetón accompanied by the voices of Tego Calderón and Ñejo. This song received the international recognition and managed to put in the best positions of Latin hits. The rhythm is fundamental to give composition to the track and a rebellious but very festive attitude.


Don Omar - Pobre Diabla

It was one of the first three singles with which Don Omar came to the international market. Already for 2003 when it was released, it was considered one of the best songs of the urban genre, and one with the best Latin rhythms. He managed to stay 6 weeks in the 2nd place of the Latin Hits Remix.

Bonus Track: Pasarela | Dalmata ​

Success from the compilation album by DJ Nelson, 'Flow La Discoteca 2' 2007. The song has a particular sound that is combined by many Mexican rhythms. For the time, Dalmata was not so recognized, however, the track becoming a hit, managed to position him on the international scene, occupying the 10th place in the United States in Latin Tropical Airplay.