The extraordinary show of the Cirque du Soleil that arrives at Colombia

The most important circus in the world is coming Colombia, to present its show in homage to Soda Stereo, after having triumphed with similar shows, reviewing the
musical careers of idols such as The Beatles, Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley. On this occasion, the tour called 'Séptimo Día, no descansaré', will arrive at Bogotá, after having done the assembly with one month of anticipation. The show is an ode to the trio`s artistic and innovative talent and to his musical legacy. It also reflects the euphoria that the band has brought in Latin America and the world, and celebrates the deep connection with its fans & quot; said the Canadian Michel Laprise,
director of the circus.

The tour began in Buenos Aires, and has gone through Córdoba (Argentina), Lima (Perú), and Santiago de Chile (Chile), now arrives to Colombia, in a season that
will go from 3 to 23 September, to then move to the Mexican cities of Monterrey, Guadalajara and the DF. In Bogotá the show will be in the Parque Salitre Mágico,
place where, since last August 2 began to build the whole assembly. To assemble the huge tent of the Cirque Du Soleil, it takes 20 people, four cranes and four lifting

The set consists of acrobatic and decorative elements, which are influenced by the entire career of Soda Stereo and were approved by Charly Alberty (Soda Stereo
Drummer), Zeta Bosio (Soda Stereo Bassist) and Laura Cerati (sister of Gustavo Ceratti). The show consists of several automated systems powered by engines that
emulate a planet that opens and that show its epicenter. In this place is where the viewers can observe all the skills of the artists on stage.

Finally, this is the first time that Cirque Du Soleil  has a Latin American theme, since all his shows related to music had been with English-speaking artists. The project,
which was conceived when Cerati remained comatose, has had a creative development that lasted for two years, in which all artists, including their director,
had a huge immersion work, to the point that, in 2016, Laprise, visited more than 12 times Buenos Aires to know the idiosyncrasy of the band.

It is important to remember the words of Alberty, who warned fans, 'do not go to the 'show' expecting a rock concert because it`s not. It's a different circus, with Soda Stereo music'.

Look here all the details of this magnificent show.