The farewell of a heavyweight of the urban genre


It seems to be the end of a phase for William Omar Ladron Rivera, better known as Don Omar, who announced his retirement from the stage after completing his 'Forever King ... The Last Tour'. The news was communicated through the entertainment company, SBS Entertainment, which could end a musical career of more than 15 years. The tour will begin in his native Puerto Rico on December 15, 16 and 17 at the Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseum.

Even for these special concerts of Don Omar in Puerto Rico, the prices for their shows are really low, considering the difficult economic moment that the island is going through. The ballots will go on sale next September 9th and there will be prices from 99 cents. `For our Spanish Broadcasting System' it’s a pleasure to have been able to finalize a negotiation where the artist Don Omar made very clear the consideration to his people, given the economic situation in Puerto Rico right now," the release said.

When Don Omar was 12 years old, became interested in music and began to follow some exponents of rap in Puerto Rico such as: Vico C, Brewley MC and other Anglo-Saxon artists. He began as an active member of the Evangelical Restoration in Christ Church, where for four years, in addition to dictate sermons, he was also part of a gospel group. As a consequence of an amorous disappointment, Don Omar would move away from the evangelizer path and initiated some musical compositions.

His first commercial participation was in a compilation album called 'Operación Sandunga' in 1999, in which he appeared interpreting the song, 'Déjame Calzarlos'. A year later, with more recognition, Don Omar would appear in the productions of the main disc-jokeys like: Francisco Tomas Muriel 'Buda', Luny Tunes, Noriega and Eric Montero 'Dj Eric'. However, the album that catapulted him to stardom and marked his debut was 'The Last Don', which would also help to consolidate reggaeton, which at the time was a nascent genre.

Is leaving the stages one of the greatest artists of the urban genre and Latin music, creator of hits such as: 'Pobre Diabla', 'Danza Kuduro', 'Dale Don Dale', 'Ella y Yo', 'Taboo' or 'Perdido en tus Ojos'.