Do you have a beach party and don’t know what to wear? Find the best look with DVX

We usually relate the name of DVX to his work as a singer. With singles like ‘Indiferente’, 'Un beso' or 'Caliente', this artist from Medellín, Colombia, has established himself as a warm, talented and restless person in the colombian music scene. But his talents are not limited to his musical production.

In addition to singing, swimming —in which he stood out several times as national champion— and football, DVX has also ventured into the multiple fields of fashion. This artist was a model for renowned brands and participated in television commercials nationwide, which gave him a great taste when it comes to dressing.

For many, vacations are also synonymous with celebration and travel, which usually ends in a combination of these two elements, in tropical parties, with sea and sand flavor. Do you doubt when choosing the ideal dress for a beach party? The author of 'Sicodelicia' is the person to consult.

DVX imposes trend with its fresh and uncomplicated style, while remaining striking and elegant. In this look, he shows us that, even in the warmest climates, we must seek comfort without sacrificing style, vital when it comes to show off at night.

The white shirts are ideal to mediate between the necessary practicality in high temperatures and the bourgeois distinction that usually arises in festive environments like clubs, bars or celebrations in houses of other personages.

His T-shirt stands out for having an innovative design by BYLOKO NY, an independent design brand that has more than 12 stores throughout Colombia, which shows that we deal with an artist interested in creativity, originality and bright colors.

The dress he wears is accompanied by short jeans, comfortable for all the activities that a singer has to meet every day, whose popularity grows daily, and a footwear sophisticated in its material, but comfortable for those long days of its professional work, in which image is fundamental to give the right impression.

Don’t wait to discover more about DVX’s style and follow him on Instagram, for more ideas on what to wear.