Days of ‘propuestas’ with DJ Nelson.

DJ Nelson is an artist who stays active, both in his networks and in his career. From the beginning, his attitude towards the urban genre has kept him as one of the greatest developers of it, since the beginnings of reggaetón, word that he created himself.

From Ivy Queen to J Alvarez, DJ Nelson remains as one of the milestones of the genre, which gives him all the confidence when it comes to the production of the songs. Precisely, The 'propuesta' for today is to hear the new of its production, along with Gio Rosse, Papa Secreto and Amenazzy. The track was made through the company with more trajectory in the reggaetón: Flow Music, of which DJ Nelson is part.

The video involved companies such as Crea Fama Inc., which has produced videos of many other artists including Jowell, Anonimous and El Mayor Clásico, as well as working on previous DJ Nelson projects.

This release is not the only present among the plans of this DJ. The remix of 'La Mía' will also be available on all platforms today; In addition to Nio García and Juhn, it includes Farruko, Baby Rasta, Bryant Myers, Darkiel, Casper, Darell and Lary Over, who collaborates on the theme 'En la Boca' by Alex Kyza, which launches this same day.

In addittion to this release, we can hear 'Adiós', a song produced by DJ Nelson, and released his video a month ago, under the direction of Bambam DG Films. Blue Wayze (lead artist in production), Darell and Anonimus.