Enjoy your weekend with these 10 videos with our artists

Come the weekend and is time to enjoy with the best music, of course, accompanied by a good video. So that in this occasion you enjoy it to the maximum, in VidaPrimo.com we prepare a list with 10 spectacular videos that you can’t miss.

Plan B - Te acuerdas de mi 

The latest release of Plan B quickly became in a hit, during the first week after its publication on YouTube, rise almost a million views per day. This video recorded in Miami, with the participation of the models that embellish it, is the perfect companion for a song with which Plan B and Pina Records recorded another hit.


Arcángel ft. Bryant Myers - Po encima 

This collaboration between Arcangel and Bryant Myers already adds more than 172 million views on YouTube. Under the direction of renowned producer Pepe Quintana, the protagonists, Arcangel and Bryant Myers, move in the middle of a spectacular game of lights that give a unique touch to this video.


Nengo Flow - Baby Lover

Beginning in 2017, Nengo Flow came with this video, which is close to six million hits on YouTube. This production, which was the great launch of RealG4Life Vol. 3, was directed by Carlos Martín, "Bam Bam", who has directed other well-known videos like 'Somos de Calle' and 'Llegamos a la Disco' by Daddy Yankee, ‘La pregunta’ by J Álvarez, ‘Fichuriar’ by Farruko, among others by great Latin artists.


Nejo - Luz Apagá

The participation of Gotay "El Autentiko", Jamby "El Favo" and Anonimus, both in the song and in the video of Nejo "El Broko", gives a special touch to this production, directed by Jose Javy Ferrer, who has worked with artists like Arcangel, Anuel AA, Maluma, among others. The video was recorded in closed places, with chains and other effects characteristic of this director.


Alvaro DIaz - Carro Rapido

The recording of 'Carro Rapido' was a big bet of Armando Rivera, its director, who played with divided screens, shots in various places, at the day and at night and with a curious banner under the video that shows "messages from the public", as if it were a television show. The video that was published in 2016, was well received by the fans of Alvaro Diaz and already adds more than 400,000 hits on YouTube.


Los Zafiros - Chipys

A video full of urban elements, was recorded in abandoned places, including a train wagon, in addition, several firearms were part of the scenography. There, Zapboy and Saiko Flaco, collaborates with Cuban Bling in spectacular shots made from the air that fill of esthetic the production.


Shadow Blow -  Dónde tu Ta

‘Donde Tu Ta’ is the ideal mix between the urban sound of Shadow Blow and the Caribbean touch of El mayor clásico, a combination that is also seen in the video with several games of colors, in a tropical environment.


Señorita Dayana - Plato de segunda mesa

The Cuban duo Dyron and Lande joined Señorita Dayana in this perfect song to start a weekend or to light up the party at night. Under the direction of the Dj 'Adriano DJ' recognition, the video was recorded inside a luxurious house and an outdoor swimming pool.


Messiah - Te dejaste amar

With the direction of one of the most recognized producers of the urban genre, Fernando Lugo, who has worked with artists such as Maluma, J Balvin, Bad Bunny, among others, Messiah show to us the video of his song 'Te dejaste amar', in which he tells us a love story with his style.


Darell - Una y mil maneras 

Recorded in Medellin, Colombia, the video shows beautiful natural landscapes, beautiful women and the dance of Darell, Ñengo Flow and Brytiago, the protagonists of this song. This production, which was released a few months ago, already adds more than a million and a half views on YouTube.


Which is your favorite song?