Let yourself be hypnotized by one of the Infallible accessories in the urban genre

Hats are one of the favorite accessories of urban artists and followers of this genre. Some are more inseparable than others of this complement and always add their own style to the dress, not limited to a single type, color or embroidered caps.

Here we present some of the artists that stand out in this subject.

The Puerto Rican Darell is one of those that you will always see accompanying his unique style with a cap of his wide catalog that usually shows us in his videos and presentations. His favorites are those of flat visor, although occasionally he uses the curves and why not, a wool cap as he let us see on the cover of his song 'No me hablen de calle'.

There will not be an occasion when you see Nejo without his caps. He will always know how to combine them with the rest of his clothing, using similar colors or putting it back, to the side or front. Fishing hats are also among your favorites, especially for live presentations or recordings in warm places, these are highlighted by the tones used.

Nengo Flow
Nengo Flow, the Real G4 Life, you will not always see him with a cap, but if the occasion warrants it, he has an enviable number of them available. His favorites include flat visor with embroidered of teams from major baseball leagues such as the New York Yankees or the Chicago White Sox, with which appears in his video 'No Dice Na'.

Jon Z
With hair or without it, the cap is a fitting accessory for Jon Z. It doesn’t matter if it is curved or flat visor, always he wears it in neutral colors that combine well with the glasses, another element that often accompanies him in his clothes. Although he usually uses with flat visor, for his videos he prefers curves as he lets us see in his song '0 Sentimientos'

Jory Boy
Jory Boy is one the artist who add most style to his outfits with the use of caps. However, it’s not only limited to these, but also combines hats such as bowler type and even cowboy. A sample of this is in his video ‘Por que cambiar', where it appears with one of his most characteristic hats.

What other accessory do you think identifies your favorite artists? Leave us your comment!