This week she enjoys 'Ella y Yo' in Stage VidaPrimo

If something had to do the rapper Darell, was to close with golden brooch his participation in 'Stage VidaPrimo', playing his hit 'Ella y Yo', a simple that excited the audience present at the concert Residencial Jimenez Garcia in Caguas, Puerto Rico, where they chanted from beginning to end the songs of the singer.

Without a doubt, Darell was one of those who enlivened the mood of the people who attended and who enjoyed songs like 'Punto G' and 'Ninguno se Monta', which you can also see exclusively through our website.

The original version of 'Ella y Yo' was made with the collaboration of renowned artists such as Farruko, Tempo, Bryant Myers, Anuel AA and Almighty and already has more than 88 million visits on the YouTube platform.

Pending because we have more artists in Stage Vidaprimo!

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