Cruzmonty ‘already counted to ten’ and is back

After 13 years of presenting his first album, Cruzmonty returns with "Ya Conté Hasta Diez" (‘Already counted to ten’ in English), his second album that comes from the hand of La Oreja Media Group. The album that will be presented on July 21 has 10 Themes of his authorship and the collaborations of international musicians.

We spoke with Cruzmonty, who told us what represent to him every song this album he defined as "a new opportunity that I give myself to continue, despite the stumbles and mistakes in my career”. 

1. Si te vas: Starting point!
It was the first song I recorded, thought as the opening song of a future album, after, originally to be written for the Mexican group Camila, in the middle of 2012. It was promoted in the radio as part of the repertoire of the Mi Amorch Trio and of which made a remake with Al-Jadaqui.

2. Bipolar: The child inside me!
A story in my mind of love between an almost perfect girl, with some changes of mood, and a young man who could be me, only that in fact the one that has those “mood swings” is me.

3. Desde que no estoy: Mature Teenager!
It’s a story about an alone person, who spends the days in total sadness since the physical absence of his great love. It was originally written for Reik, but the publisher didn’t find it a good song.

4. Antes de que pienses contestar: Impotence! 
It's a strange imaginary conversation with that person you love, but it's gone.

5. Disimular: I’m sorry!
It's one of my most intense songs. In it I question myself for not having been able to keep someone happy who is no longer with us, to hear my pleading and to ask for forgiveness for the mistakes made.

6. Si escuchas mis latidos: Intensely in love! 
It's one of my best lyrics. It is the successor of 'Si te vas' in chronological order. Originally written on the musical basis of another song made by a friend, whose chords fascinated me. It speaks of love when it can only be with that one person.

7. Surreal: Fleeting!
With a cheerful melody and a jovial rhythm, I describe how sad is to see end something that never began, like a relationship with someone whom you believe to be perfect. A love that could be, but it was not.

8. Si no fueras así: Real!
With this song I highlight that real love that represents my partner, even though it has lots of imperfections that make it perfect as it is.

9. Absurdo: Climax!
This song, whose original purpose was also to be recorded by Camila, is one of my favorites. It’s the story of a separation without convincing motives, who love each other at a distance, for pride or resentment. His music, which constantly grows from the beginning, and his lyrics written simply, is adorned by the incredible voice of one of the most Dominican vocalists I admire, Miguel Angel Soul.

10. ¿Qué nombre le pondremos?: Conformity!
It’s a sad tale of a relationship, of which there is little hope, since everything has already been said, in previous songs that failed to achieve reconciliation and understanding. Is it fiction or reality?

This "compilation of stories of fantasy and reality" is the work of more than 4 years with which Cruzmonty will reconquer his audience and all pop lovers.

Get ready, because from July 21 ‘Ya conté hasta diez’, will be available on all digital platforms.