Become an audio professional with these 5 applications

The technology continues advancing every day, what some years ago had to do in an expensive recording studio, today can be equated, to a certain extent, with a simple Smartphone. Functions such as recording, eliminating noises, adding effects and even creating and equalizing our tracks, can now be done from the palm of the hand. Here we present a selection of applications with which you can create audios as an expert.

WavePad Free Audio Editor

This is one of the most complete applications out there, not only allows you to cut and join audio, it also has the function of extracting the sound of a video, adding effects and even cleans the background noise, for a very professional sound. Of course, it also has the function of recording your own voice.

The application has a free version that includes advertising and a paid version that unlocks some Premium features, such as greater effects and maximum quality when you are exporting the files.

Audio Recorder and Editor
It’s one of the favorites of publishers and music producers. In addition to basic functions such as record and cut audio, it also allows you to combine two sounds to be heard at the same time, and even offers the possibility of converting files in formats like WAV, AAC, PCM and M4A to other more common like MP3. What stands out most is the power to rewind the tracks, adding impressive effects. The application is free, although it has options paid as special effects.

Audio Evolution Mobile  
Audio Evolution Mobile is possibly the most powerful application on the market, so you also need a phone with enough capacity to support it. It has a large number of features to make mixes and the possibility of adding effects to sound in real time, perfect to get out of trouble a DJ in the middle of the show. Among the most prominent effects are the sounds of virtual instruments, echoes, amplifications and others. It supports multiple audio formats and allows conversion from one to another.

The application has a demo version in which some of these options are limited, the full version has a cost around five dollars and unlocks all the features a professional editor needs.

Walk Band - Estudio de Música  
What stands out the most is that it allows you to create your own sounds. This application will show you a series of virtual instruments like pianos, guitars, drums, basses, synthesizers and more, with which you can create tracks for your songs and export them in various formats for later, add voice. One of the functions of this app is to be able to connect some instruments via USB to the cell phone and improve the sounds within the application.

Ecualizador de música By Music Hero  
Of course, in this selection couldn’t miss a good equalizer. The 'Music Equalizer By Music Hero' is one of the best in this. The application has a very attractive graphical interface and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5, with more than one million downloads in the Google Play Store. It allows you to edit your audios and adjust them with powerful bass and a 5-band EQ, which will give your songs a pretty professional ending.

To use this app, developers recommend using good quality headphones, as in the speakers of the cell phone will lose the sound quality.

Do you know more applications to be a professional in creating and editing audio? Tell us which ones.