Tips to take your mobile music to another level

Have music on your mobile device is indispensable, as it is the only escape from the routine that invades us day after day. That's why if you want your music files preserve a good quality, have an intense sound, and be light when transferring them to another mobile, you are in the right place, here we will tell you some tips that you must keep in mind for enjoy at maximum all your music on your cell phone. Combine some tips will help you to feel the difference.


  • Good quality headphones:

It seems obvious, but not everyone takes into account that to get a good sound, the headphones are indispensable, in this way the audio system of your mobile can deliver us its best quality. What is not so clear, is the brand that you should choose because there are a lot of headphones that seem to be the best choice, however, not everything that glitters are gold. Some seems to sound pretty strong, but the vast majority can cause irreparable damage to our eardrum, so the best choice will be having headband headphones. As for brands the best for mobile clearly are: Beats, AKG, Beyerdynamic, Hifiman or Sony.


  • Download or listen to music on official platforms:

Whether downloading or streaming music, the platform is fundamental, as they are the ones that will determine the sound quality. If you download or listen music from a non-official place, not only is it illegal, if not that we can run into several bugs, unstable sound or commercials and strange noises inside the song, not to mention that a virus could also appear. There are a lot of offers like: Spotify, Deezer or Google Play Music, which offer music catalogs. These apps end up being very light, in addition you can filter your music by genre, year or artist.


  • A Smartphone that specializes in music playback:

The vast majority of Smartphones have a sound more than acceptable, but there are some franchises and references that stand out for a maximum quality in audios. If you've ever wondered why your friends' cell phones sound better or worse than yours, that's the answer, before buy a cell phone, keep in mind that it's one to play music specifically. Options such as the LG G5, HTC 10, Huawei Mate 9 or the ZTE Axon 7, would be the best decision. if you want a denser and deep sound an iPod Touch is undoubtedly the best choice, as it’s the king of mobile music.


  • Use apps that boost sound:

As we said before, sometimes the Smartphone that we have doesn’t have the ideal quality for playing music. Luckily, there are some applications that can boost the sound with which the mobile comes from the factory. These applications serve to increase audio density and improve the quality of music files. Among the best known are: Equalizer, Bass Booster, Music Player Booster or Ultra Booster EQ.


  • Have a powerful speaker:

If you are one who hates use headphones and prefer listen to music through a speaker, this is your preferred choice. It’s clear that if we want to listen to music is essential to have quality speakers that achieve to reproduce the sound without fracture or distort in the place where we are. It is very important that the speaker that we choose not only have a powerful sound, but also have a solid bluetooth connectivity, sometimes some distance away with the Smartphone misses sound power or its connection fail by some object that causes interference. In this way, the mobile speakers with better hearing resolution are: Philips BT6060, UE Boom 2, Xiaomi Square Box or Fugoo Style XL.


After these tips, it's just a matter of getting your hands on and enjoy all your favorite artists, we are sure that with these tips we give you, you will not fail in your choice.