Knows the multichannel networks with VidaPrimo

Multichannel Networks are the networks that associate several channels of YouTube, to offer support and options to all creators of content, in this case, audiovisual.

Although they tend to focus on generating opportunities within the same platform, these networks also offer services in other areas such as Facebook or Instagram. Sometimes it also includes product development, financing, cross-promotion, partner management and digital rights, earning revenue and, of course, increasing the audience that visits its content.

In addition to revenue and support, joining these multichannel networks can increase your international support, performance and visibility of the content you make.
These networks work through the Content Management Service of YouTube (CMS), a medium that also allows them to associate the accounts of users joining their network, through a contract that varies according to the needs of customers.

IMPORTANT: YouTube doesn’t directly participate in the agreements between the multichannel network and the channel owner. Although it allows these alliances, it hasn’t yet been directly involved with its operation.

Multichannel networks are a great support so that the customer doesn’t have bad drinks while is looking for advertising opportunities in media like YouTube, because it prevents the wear and tear of taking your videos to new frontiers, while ensuring that the content published maintains its quality, fidelity and diffusion necessary for it to generate income.

The most recognized at the moment are BroadbandTV, which has more than 236,647 members, 74 million subscribers and over 18.678 million views in its associated videos; and recognized for its musical content is Vevo, with 12,038 members, more than 35 million subscribers and more than 18,874 million views.

If you want to know more, you can check out this official YouTube Help Page.

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