Known the 'Despegue' of La Chiva Gantiva, song by song

In 2011, in Brussels, Belgium, the flavor of three Colombians joined the rhythm and musicality of a Belgian, a Vietnamese and a Chilean, to give place to a band that has since put to dance to all Europe to the rhythm beats afros, cumbia, champeta, a bit of Mediterranean folklore, among other genres that make to beat the heart.


On September 15, the band formed by Rafael Espinel, Natalia Gantiva, Felipe Deckers, Martin Mereau, Tuan Ho Duc and Jose Buc Chavez, presented their third album called 'Despegue', a production that reflects the maturity that the band has been acquiring in his constant trips around the world.

We talked to them and they told us, song by song, how their new album is composed.


El ritmo lo llevo yo

This song is a band´s trip, a Cumbia Sound in a desert. Through expressions that belong to different regions of Colombia. It expresses the importance of being actors of our own lives. To stay alert to not be manipulated. To be the pilot of our plane, of our own destiny.



This is a cumbia-palé-punk (mixture of different Afro-Colombian rhythms) This song invite us to remember that, in the life, you have to smile and look for all the positive that it can bring us. It's union, fraternity, the sharing.



This is an electronic puya (Afro-Colombian rhythm) with psychedelic sounds and ethereal voices evoking air atmosphere. The song narrates what might be happening to an astronaut who climbs into space for the first time. It describes the very moment when the turbines turn on, when there is a step, a thin line between life and death. There is no going back, all you have to do is go on whatever happens.


Me lo llevo

A love song, where the couple reaches what can be called “The Glorious Love”. The perfect couple, which crosses walls, achieves very high goals but all this through a trip with a lot of turbulence.



In this single I complain: that sometimes nothing works. I buy food that apparently should be healthy, but really is not. I realize that I live in a society in which we are completely manipulated. As I see it clearly, I rise, I close my eyes and I start to fly.



This track is frenetic and rocker. This is the album´s trip. You Trip, you travel with the sky with the ants, with the rainbow and even with pink elephants.


Montañas de selva verde

It is a song of love that glorifies the intensity of that love, that tells as the relationship breaks down but not the love. This love transforms into something beautiful and huge like the mountains of green forest.



When I was a kid, I was scared of ghosts. I was asking my mom to leave the light on in my room to sleep. Otherwise, I would see ghosts and monsters with the shadows of the closet. Time has passed but I still remember that moment as if it were yesterday. I realize that those fears through the ghosts I have seen when I was a kid, I still have them, only that they have been transformed.


My fears are no longer the same and it is not enough to leave the light on, you have to know how to cope with the light off.


Fais comme si

This is the story of a teenager who has to go into exile on a moment's notice. The road is long and hard, but he makes it alive, luckily. And to stay connected with the real world, he's been told to do as if everything is alright.


Vuelvo y me despido 

This song is a farewell to the most loved one. The farewell to someone with whom you have lived many things. It is the beginning of a new path on your own.



This track is a movie for the ears. Several sound landscapes: one is La Chiva Gantiva´s rehearsal and the others are sounds accumulated through the trips of the band: Sounds of Korea, Russia, USA, Mexico, Colombia, among others.

Listen to 'DESPEGUE' here.