Meets Dayron and Lande, a duo who's here to stay

The Cuban duo Dayron and Lande, who came to spread the whole continent with their music, began in 2015, although each member already had a musical career in other Latin American groups of different genres. 

Dayron began his career with only 13 years, started singing in several groups of different musical genres, thanks to his talent could to be heard in various presentations in his country, which helped him, with only 18 years, sings in the orchestra 'Dan Den', with which it became known throughout Cuba. There he remained for 4 years until he decided to go out in search of new opportunities, traveling around some countries until arrives in Peru, where he continued his musical career. 

Almost 10 years later, Dayron traveled to Miami, where he meets Lande, with whom he decided to start a new project, this time in the urban genre. 

For his part, Lande began in the world of dance at 12 years old in Cuba, and two years later, left the island and go to Miami, there began singing in various groups and for his talented voice, came to record with renowned producers like as Maffio and Denis Nieves, in the band 'Doble Esencia', which allowed him to play a major role in several countries in Latin America and the United States. 

The Cubans began to gain recognition between 2015 and 2016 with presentations in various countries of the continent. In March of 2017 they released their first album titled 'Dayron and Lander', of which they have given off successes like 'Y Yo Cubatoneando' and 'Plato De Segunda Mesa', next to "La Señorita Dayana".

For their success, the Cuban duo has been able to share stage with great artists like Farruko, J Álvarez, Arcángel, Yomo, among others.

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