Selección VP: Pina's Top Five

Pina Records is positioned as one of the most important labels of the urban genre, thanks to artists such as Plan B, Arcángel or El Sica. Founded in 1998 by Rafael Antonio Pina, this label has, among other achievements, a large number of videos with a lots of views. We’ve made the top 5 of Arcángel and Plan B videos that stick on our minds the most, and that cannot be missing in their fans’ playlists.

1.  ‘Me Prefieres a mí’ - Arcángel

The second video with more visits belongs to an Arcángel’s hit, lauched some years ago. 'Me prefieres a mí’ was recorded on the campus of the Universidad de Puerto Rico and was directed by Javy Ferrer. The track is part of Sentimiento, Elegancia y Maldad, and meant, for Austin Santos, a way to challenge the usual aesthetic of reggaeton videos.

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2. 'Si no le contesto’ - Plan B

Plan B has been, most definitely, a milestone for the genre for a long time. In addition to songs such as 'Candy', 'Si no le contesto', part of the album House of Pleasure, became the track that people asked nonstop at parties, towards 2010. The video, which came out that same year, accompanies what was the first single of this duo, produced (as well as the video) by Haze, who’s also worked with other artists such as Ñejo y Dálmata and Tony Dize.

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3. ‘Es un secreto’ - Plan B

What is not 'a secret' is that this track, which also launched its video in 2010, was an absolute success among the fans of this duo. The perfect theme to whisper in the ear, at a party, has, after seven years of its launch, more than 100 million views on YouTube, and won a place of privilege among the public that still gets excited when, as a deja vu , this song comes in.

4. 'Más que ayer’ - Arcángel ft. De la Ghetto

Although the previous videos have already been published for several years, 'Más que ayer’ breaks the record in numbers. It’s achieved more than 70 million views in less than four months and promises to break the 100 million, in much less time than other videos have achieved. In addition, it reminds us of the great duo that Arcángel and De la Ghetto make, ever since its beginnings.

5. ‘To’ te llueve’ - Arcángel ft. Brytiago and El Sica

This is the latest video, but not least important. Thanks to the collaboration between Arcángel, Brytiago and El Sica, this video takes the fifth place in this top. With Nikon cameras and last generation cell phones, 'To' te llueve’ contrasts perfectly with 'Si no le contesto', because it shows the giant steps technology has given in recent years, and that’s definitely defined a new way of making videos in the urban genre.