Swag and malicia con sentido: Meet Messiah in five excellent songs

Today is Messiah's birthday and we’ll celebrate it with a dose of hindsight. This selección VP has the five most relevant songs to talk about Messiah's career and his 'Malicia con sentido'.

1. ¡AY!

This track is perhaps the most contagious of all: it stays with you for its lyrics, where 'El Artista's scream stands out just like in many of his songs. '¡AY!' reminds us of the beginnings of Messiah with Tali, in the song 'Las Vocales’ because it works with the same playful dynamic.

It was released in 2016 and is part of the album Made in Europe. It was produced by Sony Music, DJ40 and Ayx.


2. Mala y Puti

To make this song, Messiah honored his nickname ‘Rey de los remixes en español’. It was based on the theme 'Bad and Bougiee' by Migos alongside Lil Uzi Vert, and with this reference he joined in the production to Young Hollywood to perform 'Mala y Puti'.

The artist released the song in March 2017 and four days later did the same with the tempting video that corresponded to him.


3. Te Dejaste Amar

The friendliest side of the ‘Malicia con sentido’ is in 'Te Dejaste Amar'. This song is in the middle by contrasting with the style that Messiah usually maintains in other productions. Here, there is no challenge or daring: there is only one desire to love one who went away for a long time and now he is back.

'Te Dejaste Amar' was released in 2017 and is the first single that Messiah prepares especially for radio stations in Latin America and the United States.


4. Amor Bipolar

It’s important to remember that Messiah is also a great admirer of other musical genres, not so close to hip-hop, as bolero, salsa and merengue. The tropical flavor is also in your blood, as much as the "street" flavor of the city.

That's why this song is relevant, for including in its intro the warm touch that we have already mentioned. With this song, Messiah brings together the ‘malicia con sentido', with the romantic lyrics and of course, the other genres for which Latin America is also recognized.

5. Si Ta Bien

This song was part of Messiah’s first solo album: Ya era tiempo Vol. 1, and is relevant for being one of the reasons why this great artist is recognized. After mixing the theme, based on 'Yeah Ok' by DJ Self FT. Kazzie and Rick Ross, Messiah began to have an important name in the urban scene, mainly for his lyrical skill in rapping what he wrote.

The artist made the production of ‘Si Ta Bien’ along with one of the featurings of the English version: Kazzie, and Dj Flipstar, who has worked with Messiah in other songs like 'Hot Nigga'.


The 'malicia con sentido’ is shown in these five themes in all their splendor. In the lyrics there’s no fear to appear cheeky, proud or challenging. That is precisely the aim of the unequaled style of ‘El Artista’: to exhibit the swag by which his admirers know him, without leaving aside the intention to demonstrate that Spanish hip-hop has its own original essence and that writing "smart letters" in urban genre is possible.