Five curiosities you might not know about Ballestyc

Thinking about the fans of reggaeton of all Latin America, we recently presented on our website the video of 'Como Te Gusta', the most recent production of the Colombian singer Ballestiyc, which he performs alongside the colombian El Indio.

This video was recorded in Miami, United States, under the direction of Fernando Lugo, with the aim of showing how a legal situation like the deportation affects the sentimental relations.

In connection with this new production, Ballestyc shared with us five curious facts so that you know more about him and his work.

1. In addition to being an excellent musician, Ballestyc is a Business Administration student at Eafit University in Medellin, Colombia.

2. This Colombian has clear objectives, so despite having missed a semester of college, he has not given up his studies, because he wants to apply what he learns to boost his musical career.

3. Although he lives in Medellin, he was born in Apartado, Antioquia, a municipality located in the region of Uraba.

4. Ballestyc likes to actively participate in the production of his videos and during the recording of the video 'Como te Gusta', it occurred to him to invite a local painter to play the role of one of the actors who did not arrive.

5. Once or twice a month he meets with his fans to share exclusive material with them, one of the most active clubs in Medellin is Ballestyc Family.

Bonus: Within his work team he has two fashion designers who advise him and make him exclusive clothes for concerts and special events.
Now that you know a little more about Ballestyc, enjoy your new song 'Como Te Gusta'.