Meet Mike Towers in five of his best collaborations


Mike Towers is one of the most important and influential rappers in the urban genre, his popularity has been so great that several artists of reggaeton and trap have wanted to include it in their collaborations. The Puerto Rican has been a success for his fresh style, his sincere and direct lyrics, and the ease with which he achieves to empathize with his audience. However, Towers is one of the first to clarify that, although he likes to do featuring with other artists, his solo work is a priority.


Get ready for five of Mike Towers most successful collaborations:


Inverso ft. Messiah

One of the songs that combines very well the trap and Latin hip hop. 'Inverso' was widely accepted by the public, as despite not sounding so much on the radio, it became one of the underground singles favorites by Mike Towers fans. Messiah also prints all his style for us to enjoy a production with much malice.


Perdóname ft. Lary Over

The influence of the Latin trap that characterizes Lary Over, in the lyric of Mike Towers in this song, is undeniable. The rhythm of the single is quite subtle, even so, it manages to activate the listener. With 'Perdóname', both the rapper and 'The Joker' of Trap showed that they make a good duet.


Miénteme ft. Álvaro Díaz & Sousa

An explosive combination and a proposal with a lot of flow is what we have with Alvaro Diaz, Mike Towers and Sousa. 'Miénteme' has a fresh and slow air, without losing the energy of the trap. The most curious thing is that the single groups three rappers who end up interpreting another genre in a fabulous way.


Noche de Pasión ft. D.OZi

A lot of candle is in 'Noche de Pasion', the flow of D.OZi is very well accompanied with lyric of Mike Towers. If the idea was to raise the temperature, both artists achieved with this single. Since its release the production has been very well received on digital platforms and social networks.


Como Baila Ft. Rafa Pabon

One of the characteristics of 'Como Baila' is his beat, which sets the rhythm of the song and achieves to attract attention for its sticky sound. The proposal of both artists in this single is completely different, there is a mix of rhythms that is difficult to get pigeonholed in any genre. However, the style and lyric of Towers are dormant along the track.