Five artists to feel proud of Colombia's independence

On July 20, Colombia celebrates its independence day, which took place more than 200 years ago and is a symbol of national pride, so today we commemorate this date with five Colombian artists who have proudly carried the sounds of their country at the highest.

Diamante Electrico
Is one of the most recognized rock bands in Colombia and has been showing her talent in stages all over the world for five years. In 2015 they won a Latin Grammy in the category 'Best Rock Album' with their production 'B', which put in the sights of much of the world the rock that was being done on this land. His participation in major international festivals such as Coachella has aroused the interest of many people in his music and the continent's rock bands.

The Barranquillero Benji is one of the new talents of Colombian pop. With only 17 years, Benjamin Cordero has traveled the country presenting both in schools and on large stages, arousing many expectations and feelings with his romantic lyrics.

Is one of the main reggae bands in Colombia, which was formed in 2001 with the desire to make good music, although they are mainly focused on reggae, mixing it with different genres such as ska, rocksteady and rock & roll, which give the band a unique style. They have toured the country playing in the most important music festivals, they have performed several international tours and on several occasions they have shared stage with such important bands as The Wailers, Cultura Profetica, Los Cafres and Calle 13.

El Indio
Juan Camilo Hernandez, a young man from the region of Antioquia, began his musical career influenced by his mother, who was also a singer. Inspired by diverse Latin artists like Ricardo Arjona, Sin Bandera and Arcangel, he began during his adolescence to write songs and to make covers of other artists. His music has reached the heart of the fans of urban music in his country, partly because he doesn’t write or sing songs that degrade women.

This artist born in Medellin, in 1985, developed various talents during his adolescence in fields such as caricature, painting, dancing, acting and sports such as football, however, he quickly realized that his passion was sing and that he wanted to dedicate completely to this. David Castrillon, DVX's first name, has gained popularity among young Colombian audiences, playing on stations throughout the country and making his music spread to other countries in the region such as Mexico and Venezuela.