Camila Luna sings to love in 'Despierto'

'Despierto' is the name of the new single that the singer-songwriter Camila Luna presented a few days ago as an opener for what will be her new album 'Flora and Fauna', which will be launched in March with the challenge of overcoming the first album 'Samboyan ', Which was nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards in 2015.

This single was written of the hand of Simon Grossmann and speaks of the free love, fresh and light, that takes tranquility to the life and not unnecessary fights. "I feel the same way at this moment in my life, and I wanted to communicate that feeling through music," says Camila.

The production of the song was by José Luis Pardo, ex Integrant of Los Amigos Invisibles, and exceeded 33,000 streams in Spotify in just one day.

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