Bautté: The 'Black Room', with lightened future

Before Bautté, Diego Cadavid was known, in addition to acting, for being the The Mills drummer. The desire to do a project that incursion in electronics and deep house arises in 2016, next to Dann Visbal, the frontman for the band called Dominic.

Even though there’s a 9-year difference between them (Dann is 29 and Cadavid, 38), this duo seems to understand better than anybody would think. Both went to the electronics after taking several years in the rock and the pop enviroment, in bands of more than three musicians. But perhaps the most obvious sign of their connection is present in 'The Black Room': their first production, in which Visbal’s voice and guitar contrast with the energy of Cadavid’s drums. With the contribution of Cid Branko in the production, this track had a long international route before reaching our ears: although it was produced in Bogota, it was mixed in New York, at Ao Mastering.

Bautté has been, since last year, in parties like the Beefeater, next to other bands like Ságan and Unknown Yet; at the Storyland Music Festival earlier this year, and have shown their electronic set in venues such as the Spring Break of the Rooftop Envy (Hotel The Charlee) in Medellin.

The live set of 'The Black Room' has already reached 100,000 views, and its official audio promises to have same numbers, in a short time. The radio edition of the track is, since yesterday, available on digital platforms such as YouTube and Spotify.

Their Instagram proposes and supports the aesthetics of 'The Black Room', using only black and white images. Follow them, and discover more of this recent and promising project.