Discover why Ballestyc is an icon of fashion in the urban gender

Juan Pablo Ballesteros Londoño, best known in the music as "BALLESTYC", always surprises with his clothes, because he is an artist that in addition to support the independent Colombian design, has a pair of talented designers, Miguel Angel Roldan and Leydi Johan Lopez, they always leave him impeccable for their presentations and videos, as well as to go out and enjoy with his family.

His versatility doesn’t stop, he always looks cool with his alternative and actual style. Simple and nearby, with a jean jacket and leather sleeves, comfortable black pants, deteriorated, and a Nike Air Force shoes, precise for not get too tired in the shows. Or if you are looking for something more relaxed, a shirt with light colors is always available, combined with pants and white shoes.

Of course, any of his outfits is complemented by accessories, some infallibles like the watch and sunglasses, others that can be combined as bracelets and collars. His hair is very important, so he always keeps it very well combed and well kept, although if the occasion warrants, the caps are always at his disposal.

In his wardrobe cannot miss the formal clothes, not forget that his musical career alternates with his studies as a business administrator, so, although it isn’t his favorite, always will be the suit, ready for meetings.
Most of his time he invests in composing, recording, making presentations and sharing with his family and friends, so the most important thing for Ballestyc is to feel comfortable with his clothes, for however surprising a dress is. If it isn’t comfortable, it will probably not be used.

Ballestyc is outlined as one of the icons of fashion in the urban genre, if you don’t want to lose any of your clothes, don’t forget to follow it on Instagram.