Bad Bunny and Arcángel “got used to” have 100 million views

Bad Bunny and Arcángel come to surprise us again this week. “Me acostumbré” official video reached 100 million views in less than two months fter its  launching. This video was filmed in Santo Domingo, with a great amount of Capotillo’s sector habitants; this gives this production, directed by Rodrigo Films, a festive and urban atmosphere. 

This is not the first time that Bad Bunny and Arcángel have reached the 100 million viewas with a joint collaboration. In 2016, the official video of “Tú no vive así” got the same number of views in less than three months and, even though it was filmed in Puerto Rico, its scenes have the same urban mood as this new video. 

Rodrigo Films also has filmed videos for artists like Almighty, Noriel and Alex y Fido. He has a long audiovisual relationship with Bad Bunny as well. Videos like “Puerta abierta” (Juhn’s track, featuring Noriel, and the remix video of “Amigos y enemigos”, Noriel’s track that counted with Almighty’s featuring, it also included Bad Bunny.  

Recently, Bad Bunny, just as Arcángel, reached the million suscribers in his YouTube channel.
Let’s celebrate that this video got to the 100 million, while listening to the track that comes along with it.