#Atrevida and its success: Suelta como Gabete 2017

The perreo intenso surrounded the Corferias tent last saturday. With a great performance of El Escuadrón Caliente, the sponsorship of Tequila Olmeca and the central attraction of Ñejo and Dalmata’s show, Suelta como Gabete celebrated his seventh birthday exactly as people expected; com mucho flow mucho flow mucho, the #atrevida version of this event was, undoubtedly, what his assistants wanted to see and live. Despite the extensive lines  for some of its localities (that although may seem a disadvantage, is only the sample that the event was successful) this party seems to have left no notable disappointments.

To get to know the “Gabete experience” first hand, we talked to Camilo Art, from Juguitos y Folk, who attended this party accepting himself as a rookie when it comes to reggaeton shows: although at some point in his musical journey, Camilo was a singer of this urban genre, he had never attended shows of this kind, other than those in which he himself had participated.

There were so many people. Camilo was fortunate to have a special entry that allowed him to avoid the extensive lines that, according to Carmenza Zá, other locations, as the preferential one, had. Although according to the posters of the event Suelta began at eight, Camilo arrived at 11:30, along with other friends among whom was a friend of Juliana Torres, one of the organizers (and founders) of the party. Among the few technical mishaps of the party was the resale that, among being quite expensive, could also lead to deception: one of Art's friends had to stay out of the event because he was scammed by buying a fake ticket, and couldn’t live the experience of Suelta at Camilo’s side.

All the attendees agree in something: there was a willingness to celebrate that undoubtedly enveloped them. Joy prevailed over prejudices or fears. Although, in this type of party, a abundance of vulgar clothing or, as Camilo tells us, "traquetas", as a basis for heteropatriarchy is expected, the imaginary was overcomed by another reality: there were as many young people as older, heterosexual and same sex couples, quiet and away from the stereotype, who expected the party without any other intentions rather to have fun. There was, above this variety, a remarkable number of beautiful people, prepared from their make-up to their clothing to live Suelta como Gabete, as well as Ñejo and Dalmata predicted in their song, as a whole ‘pasarela’.

The night started with DJ Philis' set. Felipe warmed the engines for the show that was to come, as he had already done for previous editions of Suelta. El Escuadrón Caliente seduced attendees with a dance around a bathtub, in which they dipped, between step and step, what appeared to be milk, and which emphasized the daring touch by which this version of the party was characterized. Among the highlights of his show were tracks like ‘Atrevete-te’ by Calle 13 and, as expected, the ‘4 Babys’ by Maluma. There were many bodies stirring, which to Camilo were, perhaps, too similar to each other. From a critical perspective, he tells us that the staging, which the usual aesthetic of reggaetón has adapted, was overflowed with “inflated bodies”, ostentatious, exuberant, and of course, with not much clothing over their figures.

Ñejo and Dalmata’s show was just as we could imagine: attractive and almost nostalgic, because of their repertory.  They interpreted,  singing over the original track, some of their most remembered hits such as ‘Eso en cuatro no se ve’, ‘Sexo, calor y sudor’ y ‘Algo musical’. The audience sang every word of these songs, that they surely hoped to hear from before they’ve reached the carpa  Corferias. The show left in Camilo some opposite sensations. As a musician, he emphasized the importance of the show above the musical intention: the relevance of dance, pyrotechnic fires and lights was above innovation or musicians skills,  as the event is mainly intended to do the public  move and dance, rather than surprise them with new versions of the themes that, for a long time, they already knew. As an assistant, ready to perrear and party, Camilo admits that there was no objection, and that although the Red Bull is not among his favorite drinks, the gin did combine very well with the spectacle he witnessed.

Camilo could summarize his experience in a few words: intense party, beautiful and diverse people; and gin with Red Bull, a combination that he tasted, just like the event, for the first time in his life. The low presence of flaws in the sound and acoustics of the place allowed the rumba to occur without interruptions or discomfort. Olmeca had the good detail of delivering its drinks in glasses and bottles that couldn’t be broken, so security within the event, which is vital, was also exceptional.

The event was portrayed to perfection by photographers as Iván Caro, who left in his potos the bright colors by which the flow is usually identified; Suelta com Gabete gave the best quality in its image, to satisfy the best assistants.

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