This will be the 2017 edition of the Bogotá Music Market


Here is one of the most important events of the music industry in Latin America, came the Bogota Music Market with its sixth edition. For this edition, 253 singers and groups will be part of the national and international Business Roundtables; and 196 buyers from 18 countries will be looking at the productions of each artist.


We spoke with Adriana Padilla, Director of Cultural and Creative Industries of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá and one of the managers of the Bogotá Music Market. "BOmm has become the mandatory stop before arrives Womex, the great music market, our platform is the one suitable for those who want to buy sounds from the world", said Padilla.


One of the great bets for this edition, is the combination of native sounds and electronic music, a clear example of this are Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto, who will surprise the public with a bagpipe DUB. The business platform will take us through the sounds of Colombia and teach us how music has become a social invigorating.


"This year we will have an interesting emphasis on electronic music and Hip Hop, it is a pleasure for us to make alliances with brands like VidaPrimo, who bet on these sounds, in addition, the number of showcases increased this time, there will be 22 live performances", added Padilla.


As for the musical offer, it will be very varied and for all likes, not all presentations will be in the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota. Bogota Music Market has also become a musical circuit for the local scene, there will be shows in different places, which people can access with the official event roster, invitation, or paying their income. The BOmm has propitiated these spaces, suitable places for buyers to live the Bogotá night to the rhythm of live performances.


Of the 253 artists who will participate, 75% are from Bogota, while 25% come from other places not only from Colombia, if not from the rest of the world. "We have had incredible growth for this year, in social networks, for example, music is our second youngest market, but it is the one with the greatest impact on the web, we have reached 10 million impressions adding all our platforms," emphasized Padilla about the dynamism of the music through Internet.


It is expected that 1950 people, who are divided into 144 national buyers and 82 international, the rest will be the press, staff and collaborators of the Chamber of Commerce. In 2015 there were sales for 57 million dollars, in 2016 that number was quintupled with a result of 284 million dollars, the goal is that this year sales are higher.


"All the events are recommended, but I think it will be interesting the showcase of MNKYBSNSS and Monitor next Wednesday in Boogaloop, our first presentation with access to everyone. And obviously, cordial invitation to attend on Friday to our headquarters in Salitre, all day with national and international conferences", Padilla said.


With all these elements we cannot deny that the Bogota Music Market is the most important musical showcase in the country, the ideal platform to consolidate business.