Arcángel: the 'Maravilla' when it comes to rankings.

Arcángel continues to break the numbers in his networks. Near to have 11 million followers on Facebook, "La Maravilla" is celebrating that the official video, featuring Bryant Myers, for the track 'Po' Encima', already surpassed 100 million views.

The director of this video, Pepe Quintana, in addition to having worked with Arcángel in other opportunities, has collaborated in the videos of artists like Ñengo Flow, Farruko and Lary Over. In this video, the sophistication is given, among other factors, by the presence of Royal Elite Vodka, drink that’s quite frequent in some reggaetón videos.

This month, the video was on YouTube’s 20 Top Tracks, in Puerto Rico and Colombia, along with two other recent successes of Arcángel next to Bad Bunny: ‘Ya me acostumbré’ and ‘Tú no vive así’.

In addition to this, Arcángel was among the top 20 YouTube Artists, also, in these two countries; and he reached, on the first week of May, #8 position in the music charts of this platform, with his collaboration in the Chris Jeday’s song, ‘Ahora Dice', in which also participated J Balvin and Ozuna. His theme 'Po’ Encima' is on this list, as one of the 100 most viewed of that week.

For now, Arcángel has promised in his networks that he’ll bring with him many surprises for his fans this year, to which more of these successes in the charts will be added, and so it will the apotheosic concerts like the one of the past April 28th, next to De la Ghetto, in which this duo sang again after ten years of not doing it.

We leave you with the 'Po' Encima' video below.

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