Why is Arcángel a real "Maravilla"? The answer in a compendium of his achievements

May and June have been outstanding months for Arcángel. While concerts keep being added to his calendar, the numbers in his channels and videos increase, fortifying the name of the ‘Maravilla’ at international level.

Arcángel hasn’t stopped being news. In addition to his shows in different parts of the United States (such as Atlanta and San Francisco), La Maravilla will step on Colombian territory between June and August —on June 16th at Club Díscolo in Barranquilla; June 17th at the Castillo Marroquín in Bogotá, and August 19th at Plaza Mayor in Medellín— to surprise all his fans with a great concert.

Arcángel still celebrates having surpassed 100 million views in three of his videos: 'Flow Cabrón', 'Po' Encima 'and 'Más que ayer’ '. This shows that, without a doubt, he continues to reaffirm himself as one of the most important personages of our time in the urban scene. These achievements are added to the fact that he reached 1.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, while their record label, Pina Records, reached 3 million.

On the other hand, La Maravilla was in third place in the list Argentina Top 50 on Spotify, next to Ozuna, Chris Jeday and J Balvin, with the song 'Ahora Dice', and became the cover of the Latin Urban Gaming playlist, which is headed by the track ‘Me Acostumbré’, and already exceeds 10 million reproductions on the same platform, and reached 200 million views on YouTube.

In addition to the incredible numbers he achieves, Arcángel does not leave aside the difficult situation that Puerto Rico is going through and this complements his impeccable artistic career, by maintaining great empathy with his admirers in this country. He recently expressed himself after being asked about the altercation he had with a fan during a concert, stating that "The people deserve to be informed" to know what they can do to get out of "[...] the uncertainty we are experiencing by the criminality that covers our streets. "

What makes Austin Santos a great artist? Above and beyond numbers, there is the sympathy and talent for which La Maravilla has become known worldwide, and that are the reason for which his visualizations and rankings can occur in these magnitudes.