If you like music, these are the inevitable apps on your cell phone

Technology advances every day and one of the things that we value most of this is the possibility of feel our artists so close, through communication, social networks, or because of the wonderfulness of being able to have all of their music in our phone and always carry it with us. We know that every day you want to hear and know new sounds, for that we prepare this list of apps that every music lover should have on his mobile phone to enjoy his favorite artists.

It’s the undisputed king of streaming music with a catalog of more than 30 million songs, the most users worldwide and compatibility with almost any device. It gives its users the possibility to listen music unlimitedly in high quality. It has a free version and a payment version that eliminates advertising and save the music to listen it without internet connection.

We all have been through a moment in that we hear a song that we like on the radio or in the street and we don’t know its name, so it’s necessary to have an application that identifies the song and gives us its name to listen it when we want and save it in our favorites. Shazam is the most popular of this type, it only requires of listen 3 seconds of a song to identify it, in addition, it provides the song links on YouTube, Spotify and other platforms. 

Radio is usually that introduces the new music and entertains us when we don’t know which artists to choose, however, if we listen to them through the frequencies (AM / FM), we will always be limited to having only the stations that exist in our city or region. For this reason, we can’t miss an application that allows us to listen the radio of the whole world and the music that sounds in any country.
The number one in online radio broadcast is TuneIn, with over 100,000 stations that you can listen unlimitedly and get to know the most popular music around the world.

Few years ago was usual that many people prefer to save their music directly on the phone, to have it available at any time. For this reason, it’s essential to have a good local music player, because although all phones have integrated one, usually is very simple and without the options necessary to enjoy a whole day of good music.
One of the most popular in this field is Shuttle, the most fluid and esthetic of local players, it allows you to choose by song, album, artist or suggests themes from your list. 

When you like a song and you want to sing it, Musixmatch is the solution. It doesn’t matter if you listen to it on YouTube or Spotify; Musixmatch will recognize the song and will immediately show you the lyrics to sing to the rhythm of your favorite artist.

Do you use these apps on your phone? What other application is useful for listening to your music? The best tips to enjoy 100% of your music in VidaPrimo.com.

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