Discover the before and after of Providencia

Providencia arose in Medellín, Colombia, around the year 2001, influenced by bands like Cultura Profética, Los Wailers, Los Cafres and Gondwana. During their long trajectory, they have consolidated themselves like one of the most important bands in the independent scene of reggae in the country.

After releasing his first album: Radio Candela, in 2008, Providencia has had many variations on his identity, growing in style and musical versatility. From his initial performances, such as his first concert with De Bruces a mí, his concert in Antimilitarismo Sonoro until their 360º experience, this band has created a whole new way of doing reggae, organic and authentic.

As time has passed, the grouping has lost members, but has gained, with it, a lot of experience as well. Leon Velez was until the year 2012 next to Providencia and today Diego Layos is in its place; Juan Pablo Correa is on the guitar where Alejandro Escobar used to be, and Yoni Pérez and Julián Cadavid have the place of the stage that in the beginning of Providencia used to have Eder Quirama and Luis Uribe.

Today the only member that has been maintained over the years is Camilo Restrepo, the voice and founder of the band, more than 16 years ago, to whom time has also transformed.

The band that in its beginnings remained a little more "purist" in its sound, in albums like Beligerante, Providencia is much closer to other Latin flavors that manage to tie perfectly with its essence reggae.

Providencia has had the opportunity to be invited to the biggest festivals in Colombia as Speaker, Manizales Cries Rock and Rock to the Park. They have shared stage with artists like Calle 13, Cultura Profética, Gondwana, Pericos and Jaguares.

The success of Providencia lies in its honesty and ability to take risks in each genre in which they penetrate. They are one of the few bands that has taken the prejudices by the reins and has launched to make collaborations with the less thoughtful personages, as with Ñejo in its subject ‘El Duende'.

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