Álvaro Diaz returns to the scene with 'Mantecado de Coco'

From very young, Alvaro Diaz manifested his taste for hip-hop and began in this genre improvising on tracks and recording his own songs. In less than three years active with his own project, he has achieved a position within the Latin market, sounding strongly in places like Puerto Rico, Mexico, Spain, Chile among others, thanks to his first EP 'Hato Rey', with which he performed his debut.

In 2016 he released his album 'San Juan Grand Prix', with which he has managed to put his name and his songs in the mouths of many during the last days, Alvaro Diaz has been showing his fans the behind the camera of his tour by Mexico, where he has received a great reception thanks to the song 'Tortura China', produced by Luny Tunes, Lara Project and Monvco

With 'Mantecado de Coco', Álvaro Díaz presents a visual piece that is largely identified with the concept of his album, car racing, and describes it as "a love story that seems from another planet."