Alex Kyza preparing his next Album

The following statement is to report what is doing "King of the Trap" Alex Kyza. At the moment he is recording his next album titled #TrapKingKyza.

The same is being done in Florida and has several artists of this fusion called Trap in Spanish.

"This album prove once again that I put mine pa'lo" says Kyza while he was finishing mixing together a theme that has Lary Over. It also has a theme by the duo of the moment, Gigolo and The Exce, well known for his song "Nasty".

I realize also an issue with J King and Maximan, best known as "The Rastrilleros" will be doing a theme with Kyza, something unexpected for the genre.

Also, Dvice will be included in this album, and Dvice has been established in this genre with its theme "Tell me" and his latest song "Toto" and from Spain, the duo Los Zafiros. Stay tuned to social networks to listen advances Kyza Alex thereof and release date. Remember once again the title of the album #TrapKingKyza as this will be part of your music collection Trap in Spanish.

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