To the void, among Diamante Eléctrico

La Gran Oscilación, by Diamante Eléctrico, seems to reconstruct the movement of a pendulum: since 'Después de la espera', the pendulum is launched into the void, initially with great impulse, until it reaches 'Lamento', album's last song, where gravity finally wins and the pendulum stops.

When the oscillations of air pressure become waves, the human ear perceives the sound. And it’s precisely through sound that we’re able to listen to music. The oscilation, as a movement, is always a battle between a center and two sides. This swing manages to define this band quite well: a crusade between simplicity and strength (just as Galeano said once), with which Diamante usually reaches its audience. Recorded in an analogous way, the style present in La Gran Oscilación promises the listeners a dizzying swing, that is always perceivable in their music and the lyrics that complement it.

The name of the album is not fortuitous. Each theme has in mind, whether in its lyrics or in its musical composition, the presence of this specific movement. In the lyrics, concepts as returning, repetition, remembering, falling, and, of course, the void are continually mentioned. Duality is also represented as an oscillation: songs are in constant debate among opposites: death or resurrection, pleasure or pain; dying or beginning, forgetting or remembering.

Although it has a nostalgic feeling, in La Gran Oscilación, Diamante Eléctrico never forgot, in any way, the sound that the characterize them: provocative, honest, without masks, something that analogous recording powers by being, in some way, an elaboration of unique opportunities.

Let’s fall into the void by watching their latest video: