'A Su Tiempo', a dream come true

Singing and writing his own songs was the dream that Techy Fatule has since childhood. Her closest relatives and friends remember her singing everywhere and with a strong desire to show people the essence of their being through music.

Although the performance was the art that first conquered her, always kept in mind its goal of making a record and for a long time was prepared to do it: studied music at Berklee University, participated in eight musicals, recorded and wrote more than 100 songs and sang more 80 bars and theater halls in Santo Domingo, Santiago de Chile, New York and Puerto Plata.

All this experience helped him to polish himself and find the style he wanted so much to capture in his album and finally, as a gift to celebrate his 30 years, came 'A Su Tiempo', a production made up of eleven songs that talk about Techy, his life, their feelings and their emotions.

"This record is like a son I was giving birth 15 years ago, that's why the name is 'A Su Tiempo', because it was the time he wanted, when he wanted, when I felt that I was mature to understand that it was my time" , says Techy Fatule.

This musical work was produced by Luc Days, Alex Mansilla, Joel Berrido and the same Techy Fatule; and in only a week managed to excel in the top 5 of the most popular albums on iTunes. "Now I feel that my life has a meaning, I’m already a mom, a friend, a wife and an artist, I cannot thank all this way", ends Techy.

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