The A, B, C on Plan B: 8 curious facts about them.

Chencho (Orlando Javier Valle Vega) and Maldy (Edwin Vázquez Vega) conform the duo that’s internationally known today as Plan B. We have probably heard a lot about them due to the success that has brought them their best known songs, such as ‘Es un secreto',' Candy' or' La vecinita '. However, we’ll leave here some info about them, that we may not know.

1. Chencho and Maldy are cousins. Although they come from a large family, they have always considered each other as the other favorite cousin. Perhaps, the love of music and sports (especially basketball and baseball) joined them from that early age.

2. Their first stage name was The Panic.

3. Before becoming impregnated with the world of music, Chencho and Maldy were hairdressers.

4. Chencho is a business administrator and a marketing specialist.

5. Maldy is called like that because it was a "curse" (maldito in spanish) when he was little: he was restless.

6. They have been certified by digital radio Pandora for having surpassed a billion of plays globally.

7. Yadiel A. Rodríguez, better known as Arod The Barber, has hairdressed them for several of his concerts.

8. Some of their favorite brands include Saint Laurent, El Russo (for his jewelry) and Philipp Plein.

Plan B was nominated for this year's Latin Music Billboard Awards in the categories of "Latin Rhythm Song" artist of the Year, and "Latin Rhythm Album" artist of the Year. They were also at the Pal Mundo festival, which was held on the 22nd of April, in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Listen to one of their most known hits here: